January 3, 2015




NEW YEARS EVE MAKEUP LOOK : Here is a simple fail free makeup look I created for New Years Eve. Glitter and Red lips are so cliche for the New Year but it never fails! Its super easy to do and looks like you put more effort into your makeup than you really did. One thing I like is for my makeup looks to be so easy you can duplicate them. This is the look I’ll be rocking for New Years! I hope you like it and if not, don’t worry! More video to come for the New Year.

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Please be safe.

PS I came down with a cold so I don’t sound how I normally do but I’ll be back in business next time! I love you all so much and I’m so thankful for all of you sticking around with me and supporting me. This year God has brought me so many blessings and you all were at the top on the list. THANK YOU!!!

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